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REPSELECT 4: Breaking Down ( Part 1 )

REPSELECT 4: Breaking Down ( Part 1 )

Hello upper East-siders,

Welcome to Pulp’s coverage of Repselect 4. Keep an eye on this page, where we’ll be keeping you updated on the scandal, the glamour, and the intrigue of the hottest meeting in Campus Politics.


The motion passes! Goodbye.




The last position has been elected! Repselect is over! Goodbye


Zach O’Farrel nominates for Campus Refugee Officer, with the interesting claim that only a member of the Liberal party can truly represent the rights of refugees. He is immediately drowned out with cries of “shame” and “refugee killer” from SALT and Grassroots.


There is some dispute over the announcement of the Social Justice Officers: the election of officers have been announced, but members of Grassroots and Salt deny hearing that the nominations were opened. RO Karen Chau is refusing to budge, telling councillors that re-opening nominations would be contravening SRC Regulations.


Vinil Kumar and Hersha Kadkol (SALT) are elected as Mature Aged Officers.


Hayden Moon and Wilson Huang are elected as Disabilities Officers. Both Moon and Huang were preselected by the Disabilities collective.


Peter Burrell Sanders and Steph Leinersars are elected as Queer Officers. Both Burrell-Sanders and Leinersars were pre-selected by the Queer Collective, making this the first instance where collective autonomy has been respected this evening.


Hang Gaa, Charlotte Plashik, Layla Mkh and Jazz Breen are elected Sexual Harrasment Officers.


Jazz Breen speaks to her joint nomination with Layla Mkh “The work of WoCo will continue through this”


And we have quorum. Next is the election of the Sexual Harrasment officers.


WE’RE BACK! But we’re also inquorate.


Break time!! We’ll be back at 9:20.


Ella Finlay, Swapnik Sanagavarapu, Jiale Wang and Lingxi Li are elected Global Solidarity officers.


Done and dusted! Your new Environment officers are: Georgia de Mestre, Jayesh Joshi, Alev Saracoglu and Alex Vaughn


Lashany and Wu, & Yin and Leung are jointly elected as the new International Student Officers. Time to elect the Environment Officer!


Time for the International Student Officers. The nominations are a-go!


Thomas Harrington and Akala Newman have been accepted as a joint nomination for the role of Indigenous Officer. They will have to split their nomination at a future date.


Junjie Shen, Dinsong Zheng, Ellie Wilson and Mahek Rawel have been elected the Ethno-Cultural Officers. ACAR preselected candidated Himath Siriniwasa and Swapnik Sanagavarapu are rolled. Time for the nominations the Indigenous Officers!


The election of the Ethno-Cultural Officers is next. This is another position where collective autonomy is traditionally respected by councillors, though it seems unlikely that this will be the case this evening.


While we wait for the next agenda item, here’s a bit of a background on why the election of the Women’s Officers was so contentious: The University of Sydney Women’s Collective has preselected the SRC Women’s Officers for at least a decade. With Stricker-Phelps and Xu elected as Women’s Officers, the Collective has lost access to SRC funding and resources. The Women’s Collective has in recent years led campaigns against sexual assault and harassment, as well as on other feminist issues such as reproductive rights.


Ellie Stephenson (Grassroots) , Maddie Powell (SALT) , Liam Thomas (Unity) and Mingxiao Tu (Panda) are elected Welfare Officers.


Crystal (Panda) & Gabi (Shake Up!) are elected as the Women’s Officers.


This is the spicy one folks!! We’re on to the election of the Women’s Officers.


Xiaoyu Jin is elected onto the executive.


HE’S BACK: Jack has been allowed to re-enter the venue, and we’re proceeding with the election of one ordinary member of the Executive.


Niamh Callinan is moving a motion to amend the speaking time to 30 seconds. The motion passes 18-15.


Jack Mansell has been removed by campus security.


Jack Mansell has said that he is happy to keep going until he is removed from the meeting. Mansell is a solid contender for best quote of the evening with : “I know you hate me, I’m a fucking communist.”


A procedural has been moved by Vinil Kumar to change the speaking time to one minute, which fails 15-18.


Jack Mansell “I’m willing to stand here and keep having this discussion” and is refusing to take a seat. He has now been joined by the rest of the SALT observers, who are explaining that they believe that students should have to speak to political positions before they are elected into them. Alex Yang (Advance) has now joined in voicing his dissent to the zero minute speaking time.


Jack Mansell (SALT) has risen from the observer side to note the lack of democracy in a 0 minute speaking time. RO Karen Chau is allowing him to speak, which is very interesting.


Vinil Kumar has moved a motion to limit the speaking time to two minutes. Dane Luo has moved a motion to limit the speaking time to zero minutes. Get ready for DRAMA.

Vinil has spoken to his motion, raising the point that people should be ready to speak on political positions that they are nominating for.

Jazzlyn Breen and Peter Burrell Sanders ( Grassroots ) speak to the motion.

Breen moves a third motion to limit the speaking time to one minute, and Kumar withdraws his.

The motion to limit the speaking time to zero minutes has passed, meaning that there will be no speeches tonight. It’ll be a brief and boring evening folks.


A motion by Vinil Kumar (SALT) to approve the minutes en bloc has been carried.


Channum Torres has moved a motion to accept the report of the Electoral Officer in full, with the exception of the reccomendation that the council increase from 33 to 35 positions.

Karen Chau has raised that this is an issue for the constitution, rather than for the regulations.

The motion to accept the report in full has carried, which means that Torres’ motion will not be considered.


Madeline Ward (Grassroots) , Lara Sonnenschein (Grassroots) and Adriana Malavisi (Unity) have resigned their council seats to Layla Mkh, Ellie Stephenson and Amy Newland respectively.


Dane Luo is opening the meeting with an Acknowledgement of Country, he is also the acting president and is chairing the meeting bc Jacky He is a no-show. Tea.


Meeting is declared open. Bring it on.


We’re waiting on the last of the councillors to arrive to make quorum. In the meantime you can follow our instagram @pulp.usu for Hot Visual Content.


James Ardouin has cut his ski trip in Japan a week short in order to attend this evening. Will the meeting make quorum, or will it all be for nothing? Stay tuned to find out.

xoxo editors

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