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The Best Places to Eat Around Campus

The Best Places to Eat Around Campus

By Alexander Barnstone

Another year of University has kicked off and there are many fresh faced first years galavanting around campus. With thousands of new faces on campus comes thousands of questions. And today I am going to answer one of biggest.

Where is the best place to eat food on or around campus?

Here are my personal recommendations for the best spots. (I have to include around because I am not particularly loyal to on campus food.)


At risk of making Pulp look like a USU propaganda machine serving the capital interests of the organisation….. Go to courtyard. The menu always offers a unique range or meat and vegetarian dishes and pizzas that cater to our omnivores, herbivores and carnivores. Not only is the pizza absolutely delicious but the venue is one of the most stylised on campus. With a beautiful outdoor space, couches, and shade, courtyard is the place to be.

On top of all that, courtyard is social central. If you are an aspiring BNOC looking to establish a reputation, you have to go to Courtyard. It is network central and prime. So get on down!

Thai La Ong

Ok. Ok. Ok. Sydney University houses some 60,000 students and sits on one of the most valuable chunks of land on earth. The massive sandstone campus stretches from camperdown to redfern. And yet, no thai in site. From Wentworth to Wallace not a single place has opened up offering quality Thai food - and I am pretty sure Thai La Ong is the reason why.

If you walk toward Newtown, home of the nanganators, you can find Thai La Ong about 5 minutes up City road on the right. The food comes in 5 minutes. The menu is succinct. They give out free rice pudding every half hour. It is Thai food. NEED. I. SAY. MORE.

This being said, please don’t go there and eat with chopsticks. Chopsticks are to Thai food what Ivy is to Sydney. An thing that uncultured people love. The Thai do not use chopsticks.

Ps: if you are ordering a pad thai, think again. You have had it the last 27 times and there are so many better dishes.

Pss: If you are ordering pad see ew because you think it makes you seem cultured, tipping your top hat at your friend who ordered the pad thai, then you are sorely mistaken. Pad Kee Mao is where it is at.

Wentworth Building

From Snack packs to Onion Bhajis Wentworth building has it all. This is a great location smack dab in the middle of campus to get all your calorie excessive feeds. There is Indian, Lebanese, Chinese, Salad (Not sure what country salad is from) and more! Get involved!

Manning bar

Manning bar has endured a lot of changes over the last couple of years, and one of them was the introduction of some fire chicken wings. If you are a chicken lover like me, head up to Manning bar to get yourself a $20 dollar (with access) bucket of butter chicken wings!

Manning has a great outdoor balcony, beer, and couches inside. To quote Einstein; “Location + Wings = joy.”

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