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Behind the Curtains: The USU Board Meeting

Behind the Curtains: The USU Board Meeting

Board meetings are notoriously hard to report on, because 95% of the time they’re only really interesting for those involved. So, I’ll keep it short. And in a Millennials-friendly form.


1.     Meeting opens at 12.05pm. It’s overcast, but the mood is light.

2.     No apologies, everyone’s here.

3.     In a matter of a few minutes, $25000 dollars are approved for a food truck / trailer that will provide another revenue stream for the USU and will be used for all sorts of events.

4.     I wonder what happens behind in camera doors. Confidentiality or Secrecy?

5.     The Access memberships for $25 have been a blast. The Director of Sales and Marketing happily reports a “terrific growth”.

6.     Apparently, this year’s International Festival – has been one of the most successful ever.

7.     The same cannot be said for the Radical Sex and Consent Week. Participation numbers were an all-time low. The Director of Student Programs says the concept needs to be discussed.

8.     Also, Theatresports is no longer as popular as it used to be. Apparently there has been a huge decline in numbers in recent years.

9.     Not so long ago, the USU partnered with CitizenBlue and introduced recycling bins for plastic bottles and cans. Following the outrage Coles and Woolworths met after banning the single-use plastic bags from their stores, we all know that some people don’t really understand the concept of recycling. That’s why there is now very often trash in those bins. The Director of Facilities is confident that it only takes a bit more education. (Frankly, I’m not sure if it’s that easy.)

10.  The new Board seems to have settled in well.

11.  I love meeting protocols. Such formality. I think it’s great.

Meeting closed at 1.55pm. It’s now raining.

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