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USU selects 2019 Pulp Editors

USU selects 2019 Pulp Editors

Words by Noah Vaz

The editors for Pulp in 2018 will be Alexi Barnstone, Haydn Hickson and Madeline Ward

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Alexi Barnstone has been an active contributor to Pulp in 2018, penning many articles this year under the umbrellas of opinion, news, and sports journalism. In his part time he works as a researcher at UTS, and has a passion for investigative journalism.

“I’m thrilled to have been chosen to be one of the editors for Pulp! Keen to watch the publication continue to grow and encourage new writers and contributors to join the digital news revolution”

Haydn Hickson has been writing for Pulp since its inception in 2016, largely in the space of pop culture, with a great passion for music journalism. Working part-time at NewsCorp and at MTV he will brings a wealth of experience to his role as video editor. 

“I have never been more excited to do a job in my whole life. Pulp was the first outlet to publish any of my works and I am so stoked that I get to be a part of the editorial team behind it”

Maddy Ward has been an active voice on campus this year as Co-Wom*n’s officer, leading several protests and movements on and off campus. She has been writing for Pulp since 2017, and with her upcoming tenure as a 2019 SRC Councillor, she will bring to the table a deep insight into all things political —on a campus, local, state and federal level.

“I’m absolutely STOKED to be given the opportunity to edit Pulp in 2019”

Best of luck to the next generation!

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