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#BREAKING: St. Paul's College "Seeks" to Join Broderick Review

#BREAKING: St. Paul's College "Seeks" to Join Broderick Review


In light of a recent scandal involving misogynistic behaviour by students reported by Pulp earlier this week, Sydney University’s St. Paul’s College has agreed to "seek the opportunity" to take part in the Broderick Review into college culture at Sydney University, however no time frame has been offered.
Vice Warden Geoff Lovell has released the following statement:
“The Council of St Paul’s College is appalled by the attitudes expressed about women on the student Facebook page in March and acknowledges that it needs to address the unacceptable culture it indicates amongst the College’s student body.
“The Council has determined today to seek the opportunity for the College to participate in the review of colleges at the University of Sydney being undertaken by Elizabeth Broderick & Co. The Council had already committed to carrying out a cultural review, retaining Ms Christie Breakspear for this purpose, with the intention that this review mirrors the Broderick review and that its results be shared with the University.
“The attitudes expressed on the student Facebook page will be front and centre in the review process, giving real traction in identifying and seeking to eradicate unacceptable attitudes towards women. The Council will work co-operatively with the University throughout the review process.”
It is understood that the College will also continue to take part in Alistair Kitchen’s ‘Good Lad Initiatve’.
"The Good Lad Initiative is truly pleased to hear that St. Paul’s will be taking part in the Broderick review. The Broderick review will help establish the basis for ongoing cultural change programs like the Good Lad Initiative. We’re excited to join other forces pushing in the same direction," Kitchen said.

"We look forward to working alongside St. Paul’s, as well as any other institution that wants to create a robust culture of positive feminist masculinity. As a review, the Broderick program will give a full account of college culture; the Good Lad Initiative is here to help change it."

The University of Sydney SRC Wom*n Co-Officers, Imogen Grant and Katie Thorburn also weighed in on the decision with a degree of skepticism.

“We are pleased that St. Paul’s college is considering the Liz Broderick review, this would not have occurred without the hard work of students and survivors who have gone to great lengths to expose its culture of sexism and male entitlement” said Imogen Grant co-Women’s Officer of the University of Sydney Student Representative Council.

“The review carried out by Christie Breakspear was implemented to deflect criticism for not previously having joined the review. She specialises in industrial relations and commerce and is not placed to conduct a review into sexual harassment and assault in educational settings," said Ms Grant.

“Joining the Elizabeth Broderick review would not have happened unless the reputation of the college was at risk. We see this late sign on, as similar to the Warden’s concerns of CVs: disrespect women, and put people at risk until your reputation is at risk” said Katie Thorburn co-Women’s Officer of the University of Sydney Student Representative Council.

“We will continue to call on the college to have experts facilitate an evidence-based consent and sexual ethics program,” said Ms Thorburn.

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