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St. Paul's Misogynistic Facebook Post Leaked

St. Paul's Misogynistic Facebook Post Leaked


A post from the St. Paul’s College 2017 Facebook Group has been leaked, revealing misogynistic conduct by a member of the college.
The message offered a “purposeful cockblock” service to students who wanted to “get rid of some chick who either a. won’t leave your room after a root in the morning or b. if you’ve harpooned a whale and she’s taking the whole bed preventing all chances of sleep”. All the student had to do was “message … the code word “argh” and [their] room number”.

The post was published in late March, and its author was suspended for a total of two weeks, within twenty-four hours of publishing it on the Facebook page.

Pulp understands that the convenorship was initially created to help free students from “awkward conversations at the bar” and that “argh freshers” existed to mediate uncomfortable situations. However, the post pictured below clearly promoted these duties in an inappropriate and misogynistic manner.


Alarmingly, the message received ninety-six likes, and with roughly two hundred students attending St. Pauls College, that is nearly fifty percent of the student population endorsing this student’s misogynistic message.

The College has drawn attention in regards to matters of sexual assault before, as they declared they were boycotting the Broderick Review into college culture at Sydney University. They were the only college campus to have done so, instead implementing the 'Good Lad' initiative held by 'old boy' Alistair Kitchen, as reported by Pulp earlier this year.

Katie Thorburn, one of the 2017 Wom*n's Co-Officers expressed her disgust for the post.

"If Paul's idea of a "Good Lad" is one that sees sex as a violent action - "harpoon" - and reduces women to dispensable objects for your use - then we need Elizabeth Broderick now. This is not a one off incident from St. Paul's. It's part of a legacy of degrading women. I'm not just concerned that one man commented this, but that 100 St Paul's boys liked and laughed along".

"Paul's can't be trusted to run their own review if half the college condones this attitude. Goodbye Good Lad, bring in Elizabeth Broderick".

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