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USU Executive negotiations set to begin

USU Executive negotiations set to begin


Following the election of six new board directors on Wednesday night, the student politics establishment must now turn its attention to the upcoming USU executive election scheduled for the first of June.

Pulp understands that only the position of President will be contested, while Vice President, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer positions are likely to be elected unopposed.

The vacant President position, following the departure of outgoing president Michael Rees is likely to be contested by Courtney Thompson and Grace Franki.

Pulp believes that Thompson is being backed by both Esther Shim and Yifan Kong, who are likely to fill the positions of Vice President and Honorary Treasurer respectively. In this scenario, Franki would be made Honorary Secretary.

The race is certainly on for both candidates to whip votes. Pulp sought comment from all newly elected Board Directors, as well as current Directors. Naturally, most were hesitant to confirm where their allegiances lay.

Jacob Masina told Pulp that he was “excited at the prospect of opening negotiations with both candidates”, while Adam Torres said he would be speaking to both Thompson and Franki “during the week”.

Zhixian Wang told Pulp that “she needed to know more” about the candidates before making a decision. Though, given Thompson campaigned for her during the election, one might expect her mind to be already made up.

Liliana Tai and Vanessa Song did tell Pulp without any ambiguity that they would be supporting Franki. 

A source, who would prefer to remain anonymous, told Pulp that it was unlikely Franki would achieve more than five votes out of the thirteen Directors, meaning that Thompson would likely be elected President in the current environment.

Pulp reached out to both Thompson and Franki for comment, both confirmed that at this point they will be running. Franki told Pulp that at this stage “it was too early” to tell whether or not she would have the support to win. While Thompson stressed that she was excited to talk to the new Board Directors and was “confident in my experience, knowledge and the vision Koko, Esther & I have developed together and will present as a united, prospective executive.”

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