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Manning Bar Announces Partnership with Century Venues Group

Manning Bar Announces Partnership with Century Venues Group

Century Venues Group announced a partnership with Manning Bar today, which will see the launch of some new live gigs and performances at Sydney University.

President of the University of Sydney Union Michael Rees highlighted the implications this partnership will have for students, and for Manning Bar's infamously flagging cultural reputation.

"This relationship will ensure that the USU is able to host headline musicians, comedians and performers at Manning and our other venues. Century are fantastic at securing excellent acts and we are glad to be working with them."

"We know that this presents an exciting opportunity for our members, the university community and the local area to see fantastic shows."
Century Venues Group will be will be taking on the programming and marketing of events for Manning Bar, and currently run the Enmore Theatre, Metro Theatre, Factory Theatre, The Comedy Store and Chatswood’s The Concourse Performing Arts Centre, and are promising to “implement a range of exciting new initiatives to entertain the inner city community and beyond”.

“This new venture is a clear alignment with our core values to connect fans with artists, hosting a diverse range of original music, comedy and theatre in dedicated high quality venues,” they announced in their industry release.
Melanie Hallett, Head of Marketing at the University of Sydney Union, expressed her excitement for the partnership.
“Previously, marketing and programming were managed by external agencies. We see this partnership as an incredible opportunity to revitalize live entertainment on campus,” she said.
Alistair Cowie, Director of Sales, Marketing and Infrastructure for the USU emphasises the importance this partnership will have for students and for Sydney’s creative scene.
“This is a great opportunity for the USU to support live music by joining forces with a major and well-respected player in the industry. In fact, many performers that you may see at the Enmore or the Factory actually started out at Manning, so it’s a nice fit culturally from that point of view.”
Cowie also hopes that the partnership will encourage more student engagement with the USU venue, providing a platform for not only musicians, but also comedians, public speakers, actors and numerous other varieties of creatives, “because they will be coming to us, as well as us coming to them.”

Manning has previously featured Gotye, The Foo Fighters, Wolfmother, Thundamentals and The Smith Street Band, and will be looking forward to adding a whole new lineup to this impressive list.

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