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Life Members honoured by the University of Sydney Union

Life Members honoured by the University of Sydney Union

For the first time in over a decade the University of Sydney Union (USU) has this year conferred Life Membership on the most outstanding members of our organisation.
Prior to 2006, Life Membership was offered to any USU member who had held membership for 5 years. Henceforth, it will be the highest award which the USU can bestow upon members of our community who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to our organisation and its activities.
Between them, this year’s Life Members have devoted thousands of hours of time and significant effort to almost every area of the USU. Their hard work and devotion has made the university experience of other USU members immeasurably better.
It is with great pride that we present the following people with Life Membership of the University of Sydney Union. 

Cameron Caccamo
Cameron has been a devoted leader within the USU Clubs and Societies program since 2012. His work as producer of the Education and Social Work revue has helped to grow the profile of that revue enormously. He has also helped to lead the Quidditch Society and United Nations Society and has represented both of these societies at major international events. Cameron is an endless source of knowledge about the USU and the Clubs and Societies program and generously shares all that he knows.

Adam Chalmers
Adam has been involved in an impressive array of USU activities. He has directed revues, served on the executives of 4 societies, performed in five musicals, contributed to numerous USU publications and participated extensively in Theatresports. Adam is credited with commencing the practice of live-tweeting USU Board meetings to ensure accountability of the Board to members of our organisation. He has also been a fierce advocate for, and defender of, the USU.
Nick Chung
Nick has made significant contributions to the USU debating program. He won the World University Debating Championships in 2015, represented the USU as Deputy Chief Adjudicator at the Australasian Intervarsity Debating Championships, and served on the Debates Committee for 2 years. Nick routinely assisted other members of the committee with their responsibilities and has demonstrated significant commitment to the development of younger debaters. He has achieved at the highest level of debating and supported the society extensively. We are very glad for his service.

Rebekah Davies
Rebekah’s hard-work as Vice President of SURG FM has seen that society grow from 30 members to over 250 members, and from a 4 week broadcast per year to a 23 week broadcast. Her incredible commitment over many years has helped to transform SURG into a fully-functioning radio station. Rebekah has also been involved in leading a number of other USU societies, has assisted extensively with charity fundraising, and has worked for the USU in a few different roles. Her vision for growing and developing SURG and her leadership in many areas of USU life make her a very deserving recipient of this award.
Luke Derrick

Luke’s most high-profile contributions to the USU have been made in the Quidditch society. As President of this society in 2014 and 2015, he helped it to grow from a small group of interested participants into a major society which now holds regular training sessions and social events, and enjoys hundreds of OWeek signups. Luke has led the USU ‘Unspeakables’ Quidditch team nationally and internationally and has also been selected as a member of the Australian Quidditch team twice. He has also made significant contributions to USU revues, SUDS and the Sydney University comedy scene. Luke has selflessly served the USU and we are incredibly appreciative of his work.
Jim Fishwick
Jim has displayed outstanding commitment to the University of Sydney Union performing arts community over a long period of time. He is recognised not only as an excellent performer in Revues, Theatresports, plays and musicals but also as a teacher and mentor. His kindness and generosity as a leader has helped to foster the creative talents of others.
Parth Girdhar
Many USU members have been the beneficiaries of Parth’s hard-work without realising. His efforts as the President of Vegesoc have allowed countless students cheap, healthy vegetarian meals and have helped to grow the society’s membership to over 600. His commitment to environmental sustainability and ethical consumption has also been displayed through his work with the Environmental collective and Animal Welfare society.
Emma Johnstone
Emma is an incredible debater. She has been a semi-finalist at the World University Debating Championships, a grand finalist at the Australasian Intervarsity Debating Championships twice, has been best speaker at that tournament, has won the Australasian Women’s Debating Championships twice and also been best speaker at that tournament. Her devotion to the USU Debates committee has also been significant. She has served in a number of roles on that committee and convened the Australasian Women’s Debating Championships when it was hosted by the USU in 2015. Emma’s success as a debater and commitment to the Debates committee has helped to ensure that the USU remains the strongest debating society in the world.

Angela Kolouris
Angela is this year’s USU Volunteer of the Year. She has been a participant in the V Team for a number of years and has demonstrated significant commitment to many USU volunteering activities. Angela is renowned for her diligence and leadership as a volunteer. Her work has helped to raise money for charity, introduce international students to Sydney University, and in many other areas. We are very grateful for her service.
Rose McClelland
Rose has been an excellent leader within the USU Clubs and Societies program. She has been extensively involved in the Sydney University Musical Society including being President of that society in 2016. She has also been involved in Science Revue, the Science Society and the Barbershop society. Rose’s greatest contribution to the USU may, however, have been during her time as a staff member. She has helped to organise events and introduce new USU members to the university in a number of staff positions. Rose is hard-working, an excellent colleague and has displayed both passion and support for the USU over a long period of time.
Brendan O’Shea
Brendan’s kindness, commitment and hard work have endlessly been on display during his time as a member of the USU. His work as President of SUTEKH in 2016 saw the club win the best major event award and the award for best executive. In addition, he has written for USU publications, participated in public discussions about improving the Clubs and Societies program and served on the Clubs and Societies Committee. Brendan’s devotion to helping others enjoy their university experience is very impressive.
Stephanie White
Stephanie has served as a fantastic Director of Debates this year. Presiding over a committee of fiercely intelligent people with strong opinions can often be difficult and she has managed this responsibility excellently. During her term in this position the society has passed a series of important reforms intended to increase its inclusivity. Stephanie has also managed the stage crew for the Sydney University Law Revue and has won the Australian Intervarsity Debating Championships twice. She has been a great leader and we are very appreciative of her efforts in a variety of areas of USU life.
Hope Williams
Hope’s most significant contributions to the University of Sydney Union have been as President of the Sydney University Law Society and Producer of the Law Revue. She has also served on the USU Clubs and Societies Committee and has been an active performer in the Sydney University Musical Society. Hope is endlessly hard-working, incredibly humble and is an excellent role-model to the many people who look up to her.
Victoria Zerbst
Victoria is a fantastic actor, writer, singer and comedian. Her commitment to University of Sydney Union revues is almost unparalleled. She has directed both Arts and Jew revue and performed in at least 4 others. She has also been involved as a writer and performer in USU comedy and the Sydney University Dramatic Society, has directed Radical Sex and Consent week and has been the Vice-President of SHADES. Victoria’s talent is astounding and her enthusiasm is infectious.
Outgoing Board Directors
Each of these Directors has served the University of Sydney Union at the highest level. The strength of our organisation and its offerings to students in so many areas are testament to their hard-work. Their time as Directors, however, often represents only the final stage in their incredible service to the USU. Between them they have been the Presidents of Clubs and Societies, devoted USU staff, event coordinators and everything in between. We are very grateful for their work and are proud to make them Life Members.

Outgoing President: Alisha Aitken-Radburn

Outgoing Vice-President: Olivia Ronan

Outgoing Treasurer: Edward McMahon

Outgoing Board Directors: Liam Carrigan and Kate Bullen

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