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Damn Racists, back at it again with the White supremacy

Damn Racists, back at it again with the White supremacy

Racist graffiti has once again been plastered in the University of Sydney's graffiti tunnel, this time targeting an Arts Revue poster featuring student, Jon Lo. The poster is one of many used around campus to promoted this year’s USU’s Arts Revue, titled The 2016 Arts Revue Games.

The poster was spray-painted with the term "chink", a common racially charged insult associated with the Chinese ethnic community. This incident comes after two other instances in the past year where derogatory graffiti was found on campus, vilifying Islamic students.

Lo however has taken the situation like a real champ:

"I thought oh no that's a bit rude," he told Pulp Media. "It would be good if the university could find out who was responsible... and a couple of thousand dollars would be really good."

Whilst this incident failed to stifle Lo’s comedic spirit, this incident brings up the failings of university management in dealing with racially-motivated attacks. It is unfortunate that each time the university promises to proactively take a stance against racist posters/graffiti, they then remain largely silent about how perpetrators are held to account.

The original poster of Jon Lo who is performing in The 2016 Arts Revue Games this month.

Office Bearers of the Autonomous Collective Against Racism (ACAR) released a joint statement:

“We are disheartened to hear about yet another incident of racist graffiti on campus. All students deserve to feel safe at university and to carry out their education without feeling racially targeted.”

Ethno-cultural Portfolio Holder, Vanessa Song has said the following on behalf of the USU board:

“The recent instance of racist graffiti on campus is unacceptable and disgraceful. Racial discrimination permeates all corners of society - it is everywhere and it involves people being treated unfairly or vilified because of their race, color or descent. In a world wrought with racism - the USU should do its part to ensure that racism is not tolerated on campus in any shape, way or form.The USU takes this graffiti - motivated by hate and prejudice - very seriously... Nobody should be subject to racism because of who they are and the USU condemns the individuals responsible.”

The university's response remains unclear and inept in the face of this third instance of racist graffiti. This story is becoming routine reportage, is not a string of isolated incidents, and has no changing element other than the race that's targeted.

In the face of a flailing university administration, Lo has taken the lemons and turned it something sweeter than Lemonade(Tidal™) making the defaced picture his cover photo with the caption, “THANKS TO THE AMAZING LOCAL ARTISTS FOR IMPROVING MY POSTER ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️”.

"My first response was lmao. Then I thought to myself I gotta make it my cover photo and get them likes," he told Pulp Media.

One can only hope that everybody has skin as thick as Lo, but this is not always the case. Until the university does something about it, I guess we in the racial minority will just have to deal with it.

*University management was contacted but was unable to give comment at time of publication.

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