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Every year, two students are selected for the huge task of directing the biggest festival on campus- OWeek. We chatted to this year’s directors, Sophia and Laura to find out exactly what they have in store for us this year.
Why OWeek?
Sophia: OWeek is the biggest event on the USU’s calendar each year; it’s a really important event for new and returning students. The USU is how I made all but one of my university friends and OWeek is a student’s first encounter with the USU, so we took a wonderful opportunity to build on the past few OWeeks to create a really welcoming atmosphere. It’s hella important and a big challenge.

Laura: Some of us have spent years working out what we are doing at uni academically, but totally forget that it is an awesome time to make friends and have a whole lot of fun! OWeek is the first chance students get to find out about the fun side of uni, so it’s really important to make sure it’s a great experience for them and give them to opportunity to get involved right away.

Why have you chosen Back to the Future?
Sophia: It’s 2015, that’s the year Doc took Marty back to in Back to the Future Part II. I’m a bit of a nerd and it felt really different to the past few OWeeks. Secretly I was just looking for a theme that could justify putting a TARDIS on campus somewhere. There will be one so I’ve won.

Laura: Because I thought it would mean I’d get to ride a hover board. I have so far been disappointed.

What’s the event you’re most excited for?
Sophia: Comedy night! We’ve got a new format and a whole bunch of fantastic comedians.

Laura: We have a few more interactive events this year like patch making and face painting, so I am looking forward to seeing how they go. Also our Opening Night Party. We haven’t had a multi-level party at Manning for a while and the 80s arcade room is shaping up to look really good!

How did you guys meet and why are you working together on OWeek?
Sophia: I met Laura when I was a cast member in the 2013 Arts Revue and Laura was producing the revue. She popped into rehearsal occasionally to tell people to hurry up and pay their overdue camp fees and I thought she was angry all the time. It took me a few months to actually talk to her and then I realised she also had other emotions, just like me, so we worked on a bunch of projects together. We’ve just recently put on our third play together! She’s great; she keeps me on track and brings me baked goods.

Laura: Sophia wanted to put on a play and needed help, and I was like “Hey, do you want some help?” and she was like “Yeah, that would be great, I need some help.” Then we blew out the power in two buildings. After that terrible experience we were like “Hey we can do anything. Let’s apply for OWeek.” So we did, and now we are here.
Courtyard or Laneway?
Sophia: Is that a question.        

Laura: I see where Sophia has checked in on Facebook and just head there.

Any advice for new students?
Sophia: In all seriousness, the USU has provided me with so many wonderful opportunities, you’d be crazy not to join and get involved. I have always felt very comfortable, safe, accepted and supported by members. Membership is the best money I’ve ever spent. Jump in, have a go, make some friends and get the most out of your ACCESS card.

Laura: This might sound dumb, but don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid to join that club, drop a subject, write for a student publication, change your major, run for an exec position or talk to that person in your tute with the cool shoes. Uni is about trying new things and working out what you like. After planning OWeek and meeting a whole bunch of new people in the process, I have seen how much the USU has to offer and wish I was starting my degree over again so I could take advantage of it. So keep your eyes open for new opportunities and don’t be afraid to go with it. Also, invest in a good pair of shoes and don’t under –estimate how long it takes to walk across campus.

Photo copyright: University of Sydney Victoria Baldwin