Not enough people turn up to SRC meeting, 2 weeks away from election

Words by Pulp Media

Tonight’s scheduled SRC meeting, which is 2 weeks before the 2018 student elections was deemed inquorate. For those lay people, inquorate simply means not enough people showed up for the meeting to run.

SRC Presidential Candidate, Adriana Malavisi was outraged that a number of councillors, who are running for election in 2 weeks did not “bother to show up.”

“Especially now, just because you’re vying for election, doesn’t mean you can leave your post as an office bearer! You are still an office bearer till November 31st - and part of that responsibility includes showing up.”

Julia Roberts, Secretary to Council, also reprimanded those not present: “Every time we don’t make quorum, it costs the SRC a lot of money in room bookings. Money that people could spend on printing, student services, and all the things that people campaign on.”

Will the people you elect in 2 weeks care enough to actually do their job and turn up? Please ask them when they are giving you walk and talks.

Pulp Editors