#BREAKING: USU elects its first entirely PoC executive


The University of Sydney Union has for the first time since its inception elected an executive comprised entirely of people of colour.

Confirming Pulp's earlier speculation, the executive that was elected in tonight's uncontested election was:

President: Liliana Tai
Vice-President: Adam Torres
Treasurer: Claudia Gulbransen-Diaz
Honorary Secretary: Zhixian Wang

Pulp spoke to Tai about her success in winning this election:

"I am very honoured to accept this position and understand there’s a lot of work to do in the next year. My priority will be to engage ALL students on campus, work on increasing our membership and ensuring transparent communication with the community"

The election also saw the election of new committee and portfolio holders:

Directors of Student Publications: Zimeng Ye and Clement Sun
Remunerations: Connor Wherrett
Electoral: Maya Eswaran
Finance: Lachlan Finch
Awards: Maya Eswaran

Environment Portfolio: Lachlan Finch
Queer Portfolio: Connor Wherrett
Ethnocultural Portfolio: Clement Sun
International Student Portfolio: Zimeng Ye
Wom*n's Portfolio: Maya Eswaran

Pulp Editors