#BREAKING: Women's Collective condemns Life Week talk “Abortion: The exploitation of Women”


Signs have been spotted on Eastern Avenue advertising a talk called “Abortion: The exploitation of Women”.


The talk forms a part of the Catholic Society’s controversial “Life Week” – the week-long event to propagate a pro-life stance on the issue of Abortion.
The talk given by Rebecca Gosper, Director of Lifechoice Australia, is to be held today at 1pm at Eastern Avenue.
SRC Women's Officer Maddy Ward has indicated that the Women’s Collective’s intends to stage a small protest at the event.
Maddy: "It's a common tactic amongst the right to use the motifs of feminism to mask a sentiment that is strictly unfeminist. Abortion is not exploitative, it is a necessary medical procedure – any suggestion otherwise is false.
This protest comes as a part of the Women’s Collective increased pro-choice support in 2018, promoting necessary legislative changes to outlaw protests outside of abortion clinics, and castigating the conservatism of pro-lifers.

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