Two tickets set to contest Honi Soit election


With nominations closing on Wednesday, it appears that two tickets will battle it out to edit our University’s prestigious rag. Both tickets contain members of USyd political factions.
A ticket consisting of Iman Farrar (NLS), Michelle Picone (SLS), Abbey Lenton, Haydn Hickson, Pat Hendy, Angie Lu, Georgette Bechara, Liangyu Sun and Alan Zheng (Unity) will contest the election under the name ‘MINT for Honi’.
Dominic McDonald (Unity) will manage the ticket and hopes that if his ticket wins, Honi will become ‘a place for discussion and debate not constrained by an echo chamber. It’s a fresh approach to create an Honi that’s actually relevant to students.’
‘MINT for Honi’ will cover the achievements of University students, rather than publishing solely ‘articles that are overtly political in nature’.
Running against ‘MINT’, ‘HEAT for Honi’ will consist of Lamya Rahman (NLS), Bianca Davino, Zoe Stojanovich-Hill, Alison Xiao, Lena Wang, Andrew Rickert, Janek Drevikovsky, Elijah Abraham, Nick Harriot and Cameron Gooley.
The ticket will be managed by USU board member Adam Torres and current Honi Soit editor Michael Sun.
The ticket hopes its experience will appeal to voters. Andrew Rickert is the President of SURG FM, while Cameron Gooley has extensive experience interning at the ABC, as well as being a regular contributor to Honi. The group hopes to make Honi more 'experimental' while also hoping to give 'every student on campus the oppurtunity to pursue the kind of content they want to create - no matter how niche or broad'.

Nominations for both SRC and Honi Soit close on Wednesday. 


Pulp Editors