USU Streamlines Clubs and Societies Regulations

Over the past year the USU has been working towards streamlining Clubs & Societies processes to benefit students. The USU Board has now resolved to accept the recommended revisions, and they will be rolled out over the next few months. The new processes have been made in consultation with members of the student body and formed in the interests of C&S executives in order to make our systems more efficient and the program more engaging for all.

The first major change is to the new club application process, which will come into effect on 10th June 2017. On average, last year it took a new club 11 weeks to form, from their IGM date to the time the club was able to actively function.

Under the new guidelines, prospective clubs will complete an application form that is reviewed by a panel consisting of USU Board Directors, C&S Members and staff. Those clubs that meet the criteria will be able to promote themselves to prospective members and garner interest prior to their first AGM. Once the AGM is held and accepted by C&S staff, the club is then registered in the C&S Program. There will be a mentoring approach towards clubs that have been in the program for less than 12 months, and consultations will be set up as needed, to create better functioning and more sustainable clubs.

From a regulatory perspective, the C&S Regulations will transition into a Handbook format so that all relevant C&S information is centralised and clear. The USU aims to deliver the new Handbook prior to Semester 2, at which time executives will be informed.

The C&S Committee has long represented the USU Board in matters pertaining to clubs. The Committee consists of appointed students with C&S experience, who deliberate over new clubs, constitutional amendments, and other business. The USU is committed as ever to remaining student-run, and believes club members should be given autonomy to vote on constitutional amendments without going through the Committee process. Should there be any contentious amendments; staff will collaborate with the respective club.

Due to the changes to the new club process and constitutional amendment process, the C&S Committee will no longer form part of the C&S Program after the meeting scheduled for 22nd June 2017. Committee members have been informed of the change, and have been offered a place on the aforementioned new club panel until the end of 2017. Any appeals or disputed issues will be managed by USU staff. However, if a resolution cannot be met, the matter will be referred to the USU Board.

A simplified registration process and interface will also be rolled out in the near future, the details of which will be provided to executives at a later stage.

The existing turn-around times for paperwork are excessively long, and we feel these delays disrupt the momentum of our clubs. This transition is long overdue and reflects feedback received from students over the past year. The USU welcomes your feedback, which can be directed to or .

Pulp Editors