Three Major Takeaways from the 2017 USU AGM


This morning, the University of Sydney Union held their Annual General Meeting in Manning Bar. We won’t bore you with the particular details of the Union’s financial framework or how many apologies were sent in by sick Board Directors, so we thought we’d give you the important details, straight up… In listicle form. Because why not.

Here are the Three Major Takeaways from the 2017 USU AGM:

1. The USU WeChat Account Has Been Pretty Good at Reaching Students that are Often Left in the Dark
The launch of the USU WeChat account this year has allowed current Chinese speaking students to find out more about the USU, student programs, events and employment opportunities as well as stay informed on campus activities, news and student life at the University of Sydney. It’s also allowed Pulp to translate this article into Mandarin, thanks to the two elected
2. The USU is in the Strongest Financial Position it has Been in for Five Years
Despite the fact that over the past few years the USU has accrued a significant debt, that margin is now slowly starting to close, and maybe now would be the best time to ask for Coke in the bubblers at Courtyard?
3. USU President Michael Rees is an Absolute Darling
During his President’s report to the members of the USU, Rees commended the hard work of the Board Directors from 2016-17, and had to take a moment to hold back tears – unsuccessfully, to rapturous applause. Honourary Treasurer Tiffany Alexander responded in her address, ‘We love you too, Mike’.


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