Screening of The Red Pill Sparks Controversy

This evening a screening of Men’s Rights film The Red Pill has sparked outrage on campus, as dozens of protestors have collided with members of Students for Liberty, BROsoc and The Conservative Club.
Protestors gathered outside the Carslaw building at 5pm this evening chanting and speaking out over a megaphone, as the screening was being set up below.
Renee Gorman, a member of the Sydney University Conservative Club and co-host of the screening, said that she believes it was imperative that the event go ahead after being disallowed by the University of Sydney Union only last month.
“Free speech on campus is a really important issue, and University is a place that you come to, to open your mind to different ideas, it’s not just a place where you should shut down anything that’s slightly offensive or that you don’t agree with because that’s not the point of University.”
During the chanting of “Not MRA’s, not the State, women will decide our fate”, advocates of the film began taunting protestors, with one man in a “Feminism is cancer” shirt dancing among the students.
“It’s funny because most of the people here who are advocating for freedom of speech, and are claiming to want to keep their minds open, seem to be the only ones actively attempting to avoid a discussion,” one protestor said.
The protestors remained outside the screening room while those with tickets to the event were ushered inside amidst the chaos and chanting of “racists, sexists, anti-queer, bigots are not welcome here”.
“I just hope the protestors don’t get violent” Gorman said before the protest, as participants of the screening began jokingly practicing their right hooks behind her.

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