BREAKING: Final USU Candidates

Pulp can today reveal the final ten candidates for this year’s USU election. Six people will be elected this year, while three must identify as non-males under Affirmative Action.

Claudia Gulbransen Diaz (Unity), Jacob Masina (Independent), Caitlin McMenamin (SLS), Erika Salmon (Independent), Alexander Shu (Independent), Hengjie Sun (Independent), Lilliana Tai (Independent), Adam Torres (NLS), Sally Yang (Independent) and Zhixian Wang (Independent) will be running.

It should be noted that although Masina and Salmon will be running as Independents, they will be receiving Liberal support, and both have had significant involvement with the Young Liberals.

Tensions have run strong from the beginning, with white being a contentious colour, coveted by Masina, Diaz and Sun. USU President Michael Rees apparently mediated negotiations, with Masina winning out in the end. Torres will be running on hot pink after winning a coin toss with for the colour with Salmon, who will now be running on pale pink. Sun, not straying too far from their preferred 'white', will be going with "textured white". McMenamin will be running on orange, Yang on olive green, Diaz on red and Wang on yellow. Blue was yet another contentious colour, with Shu settling on a "royal blue" and Tai claimed "tie-dyed blue". We see what she did there.

The elections will take place between May 15 – May 17.

Pulp Editors