The Australian National Quidditch Championships were held late last year and the Sydney University team achieved a semi-final placing, ranking third for the entire tournament. While this is an amazing feat in itself, the top-4 finish also meant they qualified for an invitation to the 7th Quidditch World Cup in April this year. The team will be one of 80 teams heading to Myrtle Bay, South Carolina in the United States to compete against the top Quidditch teams from around the world. We are proud to support the Quidditch Society’s team – which is part of our coveted C&S Program that helps fund over 200 clubs and societies on campus – and will provide a special grant of $5200 to help the team of 12 cover registration, accommodation and equipment. Congratulations to the team on their success so far and we wish them all the best in the World Cup!

Pulp Editors