#BREAKING: Vision and Panda set to gain majority in SRC


Student political brands ‘Vision’ and ‘Panda’, who both ran in the last SRC elections, are understood by Pulp to have a workable majority in the lead up the ‘RepsElect’ next month. Both brands endorsed Brendan Ma, a member of USyd’s Moderate Liberal faction for SRC president.
It is understood that that Sarah Cutter-Russell, who ran under the ‘Switch’ brand has reached an agreement with Liberal Manning Jeffrey, and will endorse Vision and Panda candidates for positions in the SRC. Cutter-Russell posted on her personal Facebook after 7pm explaining that she had signed a deal with Manning Jeffrey to gain the ability to vote on SRC issues on a "case by case" basis in order to advance the needs of STEM students. She also noted that were she to stay as a member of Switch her "apolitical" status would be at risk.  This was accompanied by a picture of her and Manning Jeffrey posing with what looked to be a signed a document.
Pulp understands that Cutter-Russell will be made Education Officer under the deal.
The SRC consists of 33 seats, and given Vision and Panda currently have 16 of elected representatives, with the cooperation of both David Wan (Vanguard) and Manning Jeffrey (Liberal), Cutter-Russell’s defection will give the coalition a workable majority.
Pulp understands that if Vision and Panda are able to maintain their majority, representatives of Vision will be given the position of General-Secretary, while Panda will take out Vice President.
A Vision source has also confirmed that Unity (Labor Right) have stated today they are "coming on board" in light of the new situation. This would give the Vision/Panda coalition 20 seats in the SRC, providing Cutter-Russell also endorses Vision and Panda candidates. 
Though, a senior member of Unity completely ruled out any possibility of the faction entering into an agreement with the Vision/Panda coalition.

If the rumours are true, the SRC will find itself in an interesting position with a far left presidential candidate but a centrist and centre right SRC council as well as executive. It would appear that all sides will have to put the interests of students before partisanship to ensure the SRC works for students.
RepsElect will be held on 2 November.


Pulp Editors