BNOCbowl2k16: Exec Elections, Portfolios & Committees

Behind the not-so-closed doors of the Cullen Room, levels above the beloved hack hangout, Courtyard, the big leagues of BNOC politics took off. #BNOCbowl2k16

This evening’s board elections saw a selection of the 2016/2017 executive, portfolios and office bearers.

The speculated ticket won without surprise, with the incoming executive being as such — President, Michael Rees; Vice-President, Atia Rahim; Treasurer, Tiffany Alexander; and Secretary, Shannen Potter.

However, the challenge for portfolios was where the real drama* began.

*By real drama, we mean the kind of drama that 0.1% of the student population are tuning into this.

Courtney Thompson came out successful on the night, running unopposed for the position of Wom*n’s Portfolio holder. Courtney also submitted an application for director of the queer portfolio, after previous office bearer, Jack Whitney rejected his nomination.

Vanessa Song ran unopposed for the ethno-cultural portfolio, and Marco Avena re-assumed the environmental sustainability portfolio.

Grace Franki secured the Electoral portfolio, after running against Vanessa Song, whose role as Wom• of Colour Office Bearer was called into question earlier this year after accusations of electoral stacking.

(Vanessa DID argue that Pulp should have greater scrutiny of the electoral candidates).

Yifan Kong (KoKo), winner of the 2016 Board elections, was elected deputy chair of the finance committee.

Esther Shim was elected Director of Student Publications, following the footsteps of Michael Rees and Shannen Potter.

Pulp Editors