Top 5 next best jacarandas at USyd

The Quad Jacaranda was an integral part of the USYD experience and will be sorely missed, but did you know there are other jacarandas on campus? Neither did we.


1. The jacaranda near Eastern Avenue
This one was close enough to its famous Quad counterpart to be properly demoralised, but it kept selfishly sucking up all the nutrients from the ground anyway.


2. The jacaranda outside Manning
Wow. Almost beautiful enough to make you forget the Quad Jacaranda died.



3. The other jacaranda outside Manning, the one on the right
87 years old, which we guess is sort of impressive. The Quad Jacaranda was 88 though...

4. The third jacaranda along Physics Road
Successfully meets the minimum biological standards required to be considered a jacaranda tree.


5. The jacaranda at Courtyard
I couldn’t be bothered getting a photo of this one. Here’s a photo of what it’s NOT.

 Photo Source: University of Sydney Website

Photo Source: University of Sydney Website

While all of these jacarandas are pretty good, make no mistake, we wish they had died instead.

Pulp Editors