Laura and I just directed OWeek and this is what happened on our end. Oh boy, what a ride. It was only three days but it felt like longer than a week, and maybe that’s a form of time travel, but what a three days we had!



The lead up

When we started back in July last year, previous directors told us this was the biggest thing we would have done and they weren’t lying. If you haven’t stayed back in the office to decide if you want one giant Rubik’s cube or two, you haven’t created a proper 80s party. The office started to fill up with signs, banners, balloons, programs, hair chalk, we even had a crimper lying around. We booked djs, comedians, trivia hosts, live experience game directors, hip hop artists and two time machines. We felt prepped and ready for action and then...


The festival

… it rained! It rained a whole bunch, but we had cool new structures that kept stallholders dry. After the official University welcome we had our Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony, and then our main stage, The Wormhole, kicked off with the First Year Q&A. The next three days were a blur of forums, debates, performances, meet and greets and everything in between (Sword fighting? Did we dream that or did that happen?*). We felt like we had to be everywhere all the time, but eventually we settled into a pattern of attending events, then walking up and down the site, attending other events and preparing for the night time event each afternoon (with a sneaky nap or two in between). Thankfully our charity of choice, Pretty Shady, kept us lathered in sunscreen and Courtyard kept us fed. We were pretty exhausted by the end, sipping lemonade at Hermann’s beer garden on the Friday afternoon, but we got one hell of a second wind and partied until the end of the Closing Night Party.


The aftermath

I woke up with a start at 9am on Saturday morning, terrified that we were running late. Laura reassured me that it was Saturday and the festival was over, that was pretty wild**. But we’re back at the office now, cleaning up, writing our report and handover material and planning our next USU endeavours***.

Sure, OWeek was stressful and tiring and it had its ups and downs, but overall we’ve never done anything bigger, never learnt more about events (or just life) and never eaten more free two minute noodles in our lives. It was an incredible experience and we’re exceptionally lucky to have had it. If anybody is thinking about applying then go for it, come and talk to us, we’d love to chat!

We hope everyone had a fantastic OWeek, keep the time travel spirit alive this semester!



Sophia (& Laura, but she’s busy finalising invoices)


* We checked, it did.

** This actually happened.

***Stay tuned!

Pulp Editors