For the first time ever ACCESS has reached 16,500 members – that’s almost one third of the Sydney University student community walking around with an ACCESS Card in their back pocket!

Since the introduction of ACCESS, developed in response to Voluntary Student Unionism (VSU) legislation passed in 2006, we’ve been working hard to create a program which provides students with an all-access pass into uni life.

We’ve worked tirelessly to grow the ACCESS program, recruiting even better discounts and partners, creating more student leadership roles and expanding our student-run festivals and events. Most importantly, we’ve listened to you, our members. Last year we were able to reduce the price of ACCESS membership significantly due to our research and student feedback on the program. With this in hand, the Board was able to approve a new pricing structure for the 2014 ACCESS program and as a result, we’ve seen memberships grow at lightning speed.

We’ve also been able to provide you with an even bigger O-Week, which hosted over 90 individual events in 2014, grow our INCUBATE program to encourage entrepreneurs on campus, support Pride Week and throw more cheesy Manning parties.

Reaching this milestone means we can continue to provide funding for all our clubs and societies on campus, who host over 1,800 events each year! Plus, we’ve been able to introduce additional student programs and ways to get involved in uni life (so there really is something for everyone!), as well as signing up more retail partners so you can save both on and off campus.

With 2015 around the corner, we’ve already launched our ACCESS member survey. Give us your feedback here.

The information you provide will help us improve the program for next year, as we continue with our aim of creating the best on campus student experience.

A huge thank you to all our members for getting involved with the ACCESS program.

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Pulp Editors